Atatiki Group Establishes New Location in Norway to Serve Growing Demand for Globalized FileMaker Operations

Oslo, Norway & Stockholm, Sweden — Atatiki Group is now expanding operations to Oslo, Norway. The latest of three new subsidiaries established this year, Atatiki AS will be headed by former senior FileMaker developer Halldor Skattebo as CEO.

Atatiki AS sets out to provide Norway-based customers with the same high standards of quality and reliability the Atatiki brand is already known for. With Halldors background and ambition, combined with support from Atatiki headquarters in Stockholm, Atatiki AS has the tools to make that happen.

“We’re excited to expand Atatiki further and bring Halldor on board,” says Fredi Hedenberg, Chairman of the Board. “Besides his extensive expertise in FileMaker systems and product development, Halldor has a strong drive to build something great. What makes it even more exciting, is that they already have several large customers knocking on theirdoor.

Halldor Skattebo brings over 20 years of FileMaker development experience to the role of CEO, including a background in managing agile and effective software teams.

“Atatiki’s increasingly international presence suits me and my team perfectly,” says Halldor. “Having Atatiki Group behind us will enable us to easily respond to demands for globalized FileMaker operations, a need which is growing among multinational companies here in Norway.”

Atatiki AS is the fourth subsidiary to be established since Atatiki Group was first founded in 2015, and is part of a greater international expansion intended to serve Atatikis growing customer base and increased multinational service demands. Additional locations include Stockholm, Sweden; Alicante, Spain; and London, England.  

About Atatiki

Founded in 2015, in Stockholm, Sweden, Atatiki appifies business processes, helping organizations refine business processes into IT, Apps, Webs, Systems, and Tools.